Billy-Ball Daily: 2010-1-8


By Baseball Newstalgist, Bill Chuck
January 8, 2010


Do we need to have 280 brands of breakfast cereal? No, probably not. But we have
them for a reason – because some people like them. It’s the same with baseball statistics.

Bill James

Some baseball statistics are designed to enlighten, others are used to support or refute an argument.
But sometimes, statistics are simply presented for the sheer enjoyment … as in this case.

Here are 43 items that revolve around the number 86 (they are so much fun you should read them to twice, that is if you seek the symmetry of 86). The list is not all-inclusive.
Because I compiled this simply for the fun of it, I chose items and names that I found interesting, but I would love additions to the list
(email me: ).

The list is inspired by the first two entries and the list then proceeds in alpha order.


  1. The Boston Red Sox won the World Series for the first time in 86 years in 2004.
  2. The New York Yankees won their first World Series in the then new Yankee Stadium in 1923 and 86 years later in the newest Yankee Stadium they won their latest World Championship.
  3. Adam Wainwright  and Matt Garza have each started 86 games.
  4. Alex Rodriguez and Ted Williams each were intentionally walked 86 times.
  5. Anabel Sanchez and Phil Hughes each pitched 86 innings last year.
  6. Ben Sheets, Paul Foytack, Jack Fisher, Bronson Arroyo, and Rick Aguilera all have 86 wins.
  7. Bert Campanaris had 86 triples in his career.
  8. Bill Buckner and Mookie Wilson, the story of the `86 World Series.
  9. Bo Jackson had 86 doubles in his career.
  10. Bob Feller appeared in relief 86 times.
  11. Bobby Grich was hit by 86 pitches in his career.
  12. Bobo Newsom laid down 86 successful sac bunts and scored 86 times in his career.
  13. Burt Hooten and Jim Slaton each had 86 complete games.
  14. Byung-Hyun Kim had 86 saves.
  15. Cameron Maybin has played 86 games.
  16. Carlos Zambrano has hit 86 singles.
  17. Don Mattingly had two seasons of accumulating 86 extra-base hits.
  18. Eric Wedge had 86 at bats.
  19. Frank Viola, Camilio Pascual, and Jeff Fassero each threw 86 wild pitches.
  20. Freddie Lynn had 86 sac flies.
  21. Gary Peters scored 86 runs in his career.
  22. George Kell, the Hall of Fame third baseman and longtime broadcaster died on Mar 24, 2009 at the age of 86.
  23. Hank Blalock has grounded into 86 double plays.
  24. Ian Snell has 86 decisions in his career (he’s 38-48)
  25. Josh Johnson has pitched in 86 games.
  26. Matt Clement lost 86 games.
  27. Matt Weiters whiffed 86 times in his 2009 rookie season.
  28. Mike Kekich, Steve Bedrosian, and Neil Allen each tossed 86 grounders that produced double plays.
  29. Phil Niekro, Jesse Orosco, and Diego Segui each intentionally walked 86 batters.
  30. Pudge Rodriguez, Don Mattingly, Jermaine Dye, Billy Williams, Steve Garvey, and Enos Slaughter each had two seasons in which they drove home 86 runs.
  31. Randy Johnson struck out 86 batters in 2009, his final season.
  32. Reggie Smith was caught stealing 86 times in his career.
  33. Ross Ohlendorf and Chris Ray have each walked 86 batters.
  34. Sal Bando, Pete Rose, and Brett Butler each had two seasons in which they walked 86 times.
  35. Toby Harrah, Larry Sheets and Jim Dwyer all hit grand slams for the Orioles setting a new record for bases-full homers in one game on 8/6/86.
  36. Tom Seaver drove home 86 runs in his career.
  37. Tommie Aaron walked 86 times in his career.
  38. Tomo Ohka, Atlee Hammaker, Charlie Lea, and Bobby Bolin each made 86 quality starts.
  39. Tony Oliva had 86 stolen bases in his career.
  40. Ugie Urbina and Bill Fischer each gave up 86 gopher balls.
  41. Vernon Wells, Joe Adcock, and Frank White each had two seasons in which they struck out 86 times.
  42. Willie Crawford hit 86 homers in his career
  43. Willie McCovey was elected to the Hall of Fame in ’86.