FROM THE BILL CHUCK FILES… Geography: 2010-2-4

Baseball Geography

These are the days that feel long as we wait for Spring Training to begin; ballplayers are feeling the hurt as they perform their crunches, employed baseball media look for sales for sun block, and me, I’m killing time with a game I call “Baseball Geography.” What is wrong with this picture?

The game is simple to understand, but not that easy to play. It simply requires attaching a player’s name to a community in a state in which their team is located. Liberties of spelling may be taken to accommodate correct answers (hey, I’m not Alex Trebek).

I’ve posted nine actuals and nine I’d like to see, but I would love to add to the collection, so please send them along to

Now have fun playing Baseball Geography!

Baltimore Orioles – Luke, Maryland Scott

Boston Red Sox – Mike Lowell, Massachusetts

Boston Red Sox – Tim Wakefield, Massachusetts

Chicago Cubs – Ted Lilly (Lake), Illinois

Cincinnati Reds – Brandon Phillips(burg), Ohio

Houston Astros – Carlos Lee, Texas

Milwaukee Brewers – Corey Hart(ford), Wisconsin

Oakland A’s – Gio Gonzalez, California

Philadelphia Phillies – Ryan Howard, Pennsylvania

Players I would like to see traded in order to play Baseball Geography:
To the Astros – Manny Corpus (Christi), Texas

To the Cardinals – Billy Buckner, Missouri

To the Cubs – Pablo Sandoval, Illinois

To the Durham Bulls – Zach Duke (University) – Okay, I took a liberty here

To the Mariners – Adam Everett, Washington

To the Marlins – Coco(a Beach) Crisp, Florida

To the Mets – Cliff Lee, New York

To the Rangers – Matt Kemp, Texas

To the Sea Dogs – John (Portland)Maine