Things that are sure to happen this coming this season

Okay, while I’m really not sure who is going to win March Madness, I have narrowed it down to schools with a “K” or a “K sound” in their names. On the other hand, I am pretty sure though that you will read or hear about the following items this coming baseball season:

  1. “The Bobby Cox farewell tour continues …”
  2. “The NY Mess lost again last night …”
  3. “For the second straight season, the Red Sox learned there’s no such thing as having too much starting pitching.”
  4. “The 2010 Washington Nationals are now tied with the 1962 NY Mets for futility …”
  5. “The Yankees miss Johnny Damon …”
  6. “It was another cold night at Target Field …”
  7. “The A’s have traded pitcher Ben Sheets …”
  8. “The Pittsburgh Pirates have been eliminated …”
  9. J.D. Drew is listed as day-to-day.”