State of the Red Sox Pitching (prior to action of April 27)

Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell

Red Sox Starting Pitching

The Red Sox are tied with the Tigers with 8 Quality Starts, last in the AL, Oakland has 14 to lead.

On the other hand, Boston starters lead averaging 102 pitches per start.
The Sox starters are tied with Orioles averaging just 5.8 innings per start.

The Red Sox are tied with the Tigers with 4 wins, 6 loses and 10 no-decisions, the most ND in the AL.
Red Sox Relief Pitching
Sox relievers have allowed 42% of the runners they have inherited to score (16 of 38), compared with the league average of 34%.
On 27 different occasions relievers have pitched more than one inning, the most in the AL.
14 times relievers have pitched on zero days rest.
Only the Royals with 68 relief appearances have appeared more frequently than the 65 relief appearances by the Sox.
Overall Red Sox Pitching
The Sox ERA of 5.06 is second worst only to the Royals, 5.18
The Sox don’t have a complete complete or a team shutout.
No team has given up as many hits as the Red Sox, 198. The Yankee pitchers have only given up 132.
No team has given up as many runs as the Red Sox, 113. The Rays pitchers have only given up 63.
The Red Sox have surrendered 82 walks, the White Sox, 84, Royals, 86, the Twins, 47.
The Sox WHIP is 1.514, the Royals 1.581, the Rays 1.190.
Boston and Kansas City pitchers have given up the most doubles, 53 each. Yankee pitchers have given up 25.
Sox pitchers and catchers have given up 38 stolen bases, worst in the AL followed by the Yankees and the Tigers who have each given up 17.