Do you prefer 90 degrees or 15 degrees?

The Boston-area gets about five beautiful days a year. Don’t let the propagandists make you think that the weather here is any more palatable than that of other cities. I mention that because after days that were so hot and humid that the act of breathing made my well-upholstered body break out in uncontrollable sweat, we are experiencing a second beautiful day.

Each day, as I hobble around, walking my doggie Mookie, there is a bank that has an electric sign that posts time and temperature. Earlier this week it simply perspired. I have been out with Mook in all sorts of weather and have seen numbers of varied extremes alit on that display and I can say for me, I prefer seeing 15 degrees to 90 degrees. My wife, the lovely Mrs. Ball, would like to find extension cords that are miles longs so she could carry around space heaters wherever she goes. She would prefer 90 degrees.

The point here is that you don’t need to be Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil or Dr. Kevorkian to realize that based on our physical needs and our temperaments we opt for different things to bring us comfort and enjoyment. The same is very true for a baseball fan. There are no rights and wrongs when it comes to 90 degrees or 15 degrees, just preferences.

1. So let me ask you this:

Would you rather watch a game in which your favorite team wins 13-3, with the score being 9-2 after four innings, as in the Padres victory over the Rockies yesterday, OR, watch a game in which your team loses 2-0 with both runs scoring in the top of the 8th as in the Pirates victory over the Cubs yesterday?

2. How about this no place like home question:

Which would you prefer to see, your home team win 5-1 as Minnesota did over Detroit yesterday, withyour favorite player Jim Thome go 0-for 3 with three strikeouts, OR, watch your home team lose, as the Angels did to the Rangers, 6-4, with your old favorite player, Vladimir Guerrero go 4-for-4 with two homers and five RBI?

3. A poker question:

Which would your see, a complete game in which you beat an ace like Roy Halladay in the Phils 4-3 loss to Reds, OR, in which you watch an ace win handily in a complete game as Felix Hernandez did in the Mariners 7-0 win over the Yankees?

4. An eat a fish OR teach someone to fish question:

Which would rather watch, a magnificent video in which you can see how Mariano Rivera has confounded hitters with his signature cutter, or watch Mark Bittman make a real grilled cheese sandwich that will show you how you can make the best real grilled cheese sandwich you will ever eat?

5. Here’s a (Butch) Hobson’s Choice:

Which game would you rather had watched, the horrible Orioles beating the mediocre Oakland squad, 9-6, OR, watched the horrible Astros beating the mediocre Brewers, 5-1?

6. Torture question:

Would you rather be water boarded by Dick Cheney, OR, watch Daisuke Matsuzaka throw a (ill-defined) Quality Start in the Red Sox loss to the Rays, 9-4?

7. How do your really feel question:

Which would rather do, talk on your cell phone at the ballpark, OR, get hit in the face with a baseball?

8. Terry Francona question

Who would you rather have on your team: Dustin Pedroia, with his left foot still encased in a boot and with strict doctor’s orders not to put weight on the foot, taking grounders, on his knees, at second base practicing his fielding and his throwing while unable to walk yesterday at Fenway Park, OR, J.D. Drew, who missed the game last night with a stiff neck? After the game, Francona called it “real stiff.’’ Was he was referring to the neck being stiff or Drew being a stiff?

9. Which games will you watch today?


Blue Jays (Shaun Marcum) at Indians (Justin Masterson), 12:05

Mariners (Ryan Rowland-Smith) at Yankees (C.C. Sabathia), 1:05

A’s (Trevor Cahill) at Orioles (Jake Arrieta), 7:05

Rays (Jeff Niemann) at Twins (Carl Pavano), 8:10

Rangers (C.J. Wilson) at Angels (Jered Weaver), 10:05


Reds (Travis Wood) at Cubs (Carlos Silva), 2:20

Mets (Johan Santana) at Nationals (Livan Hernandez), 7:05

Phillies (Cole Hamels) at Pirates (Daniel McCutchen), 7:05

Brewers (Randy Wolf) at Cardinals (Blake Hawksworth), 8:15

Giants (Madison Bumgarner) at Rockies (Aron Cook), 8:40

Astros (Brian Moehler) at Padres (Jon Garland), 10:05