From the More Maniacal Chuck: Red Sox edition

  1. Josh Beckett had a 7.22 ERA in April, a 7.41 ERA in May, and a 7.13 ERA so far in August.
  2. Bill Hall has hit .235 with 7 homers and 17 RBI in 35 games at second this season.
  3. Since the start of the 2009 season, Jon Lester has 390 strikeouts and Felix Hernandez has 389; Lester is 28-15, King Felix is 27-15.
  4. J.D. Drew is hitting .174 this season against lefties and .204 against lefty starters. Against all pitchers, he is a .293 hitter when the Sox are up or down by more than four runs.
  5. While Jonathan Papelbon has a WHIP slightly better than last year 1.145 vs. 1.147 and a better BAA .205 vs. .213, but he has already given up six more runs than last season, four more extra-base hits, allowed more inherited runners to score, and blown more saves.
  6. David Ortiz is hitting .221 with 2 homers and 18 RBI against lefties and .280 with 24 homers and 59 RBI against righties. He is hitting .303 when he is ahead on the count and .368 when the count is 3-1. With runners on first and third he is hitting .083 (1-for-16).
  7. Clay Buchholz leads the AL in ERA at 2.49. The last Sox pitcher to lead the league in ERA was Pedro Martinez in 2003 with a 2.22. The Sox are 15-5 in Buchholz starts. When the Sox have scored two or fewer runs for him, Buchholz is 3-2, but when they have scored three to five runs he is 1-3. He is 9-0 in games the Sox have scored six or more times.
  8. The Sox ERA at home is 4.18 and on the road it’s 4.17.
  9. When the Sox score fewer than six runs their record is 26-44, six or more it’s 41-8.