The More Maniacal Chuck: Red Sox Edition


  1. The Sox are 64-49 this season. Through 113 games last season, the Sox were 65-48.
  2. Red Sox are 34-23 (.596) at home 30-26 (.536) on the road. They are 42-31 (.575) versus teams .500 and above and 22-18 against teams below .500 (.550).
  3. The AL average WHIP this season is 1.350. The Sox WHIP is 1.341.
  4. Both the Jays and the Red Sox have a .249 batting average against this season.
  5. Both the Jays and the Red Sox starting pitchers have had 56% of their games been Quality Starts.
  6. Jays relievers are 16-17 on the season, Sox relievers are 15-15.
  7. Boston pitchers have produced 989 0-2 counts. Jays pitchers have produced 858 the fewest in the majors.
  8. Teams have an 81% success rate stealing against the Sox and 63% against the Jays, the best in the AL.
  9. The Jays lead the AL with 175 homers, followed by the Sox with 147.
  10. The Jays have the fewest stolen bases with 37, followed by the Sox with 40.
  11. Boston has a .269 batting average; the Jays .251.
  12. The Red Sox .798 OPS leads the majors, the Jays are fourth at .775.
  13. 10.3% of all of Toronto’s plate appearances end up as an extra-base hit, the most in the AL. The Sox are next at 9.4%.
  14. Both the Sox and Jays are station-to-station team: 48 times when there has been a runner on first for Boston, has he advanced to third, which is third worst in the league. Toronto runners have gone first to third just 37 times, the worst in the AL.
  15. Boston had grounded into 94 double plays in 866 opportunities (11%). The Jays 75 times in 673 opportunities (11%).
  16. Boston has committed 71 errors this season, Toronto 54, the league average is 68. However, the Sox are 27 Total Zone Total Fielding Runs above Average, while the Jays are just 9.
  17. Boston leads the AL averaging 4.07 pitches per plate appearance; the Jays average 3.72. Boston leads the AL with 479 3-1 counts, Toronto is last with 327.
  18. Victor Martinez has taken a higher percentage of strikes (35%) than any time in his career and his first pitch winging percentage (13%) is the lowest of his career. Yet, when he swings at the first pitch he is hitting .409.
  19. Marco Scutaro has grounded into 13 DPs this season, one more than all of last season. He has already made 15 errors this season, five more than last season, and the most of his career.
  20. Adrian Beltre is hitting .333 against righties and .331 against lefties, .325 at home and .340 on the road, .330 in the first half of the season and .340 since the break, .353 in Sox wins and .306 in Sox losses, .342 with Runners in Scoring Position and .380 RISP/w 2 outs.
  21. J.D. Drew has a .792 OPS, his lowest since 2002. His 37% of all his strikes looking is the highest of his career. He is hitting .162 against lefties and .205 overall since the All-Star break.
  22. Last season, David Ortiz set a career high with 134 strikeouts. This season he has 110 strikeouts in 99 games. Last season, he had 110 strikeouts in 122 games. From the 7th inning on, Big Papi is hitting .214.
  23. Bill Hall in 188 plate appearances before the break hit 7 homers; in 68 plate appearances after the break he has 6 homers. He is hitting .304 in August.
  24. John Lackey last season gave up 75 earned runs in 176.1 innings; he’s given up 75 earned runs in 146.2 innings this year.
  25. Batters hit Daisuke Matsuzaka at a .325 pace last year but only .228 this season. His WHIP was 1.324 in each of his first two seasons and this year, his fourth season, it’s 1.321. Batters are hitting just .135 against with runners in scoring position and two outs.
  26. Both Josh Beckett and John Lackey allow 10.3 hits per 9 innings.
  27. Jon Lester has produced 15 ground balls into double plays this season, one more than last year. His first pitch for a strike rate of 61% is by far the best of his career.
  28. Clay Buchholz now has 24 career wins, half this season. Batters are hitting .191 against him from 51st to the 100th pitch. But on pitches 76-100 he has yet to give up a home run.
  29. Daniel Bard has a WHIP of 0.865. He has inherited 35 baserunners and only 8 have scored. He has completed more than 3 outs 11 times this season.
  30. Jonathan Papelbon has induced 2 DPs this season after none last year. He has allowed 36% of inherited runners to score, the highest of his career. His rate of 49% of all hits allowed being for extra bases is by far the highest of his career. 14 times he has struck out the first batter to face him.