The More Maniacal Chuck: Red Sox edition

  1. The last time the Sox missed the postseason was in 2006 when they finished third with an 86-76 record. That was also the last time the Blue Jays finished ahead of them in the standings (87-75).
  2. It’s hard to believe but Mike Lowell has more doubles than Bill Hall. Lowell has 9 in 131 bad-hip at bats and Hall has 8 in 251 multi-position at bats. Daniel Nava has 10 doubles in 97 rookie at bats.
  3. On the other hand Hall has drawn 26 walks in 280 plate appearances while Adrian Beltre has walked 27 times in 491 plate appearances.
  4. Hall has 16 homers in his 251 at bats while J.D. Drew has 16 homers in 363 at bats.
  5. Darnell McDonald leads the team with 9 sac bunts (9-for-9), but he has no sac flies.
  6. Dustin Pedroia leads the team with 6 sac flies. Pedroia also leads the team with 9 stolen bases.
  7. David Ortiz has a .268 batting average, which is about the same as the American League average batting average, which is .269. Of Ortiz’s 102 hits, 52% are for extra-bases.
  8. Both Ortiz and Hall strikeout out once every 3.3 at bats.
  9. Victor Martinez homers once every 34.1 at bats.
  10. Ortiz, Martinez, Pedroia, and Nava have gone from first to third on a single two times each this season.
  11. Beltre and Kevin Youkilis lead the team with 8 homers each off of lefties. Ortiz lead with 25 homers off of righties.
  12. Ortiz leads the team averaging 4.41 pitches per at bat.
  13. Marco Scutaro has struck out 58 times, 37 times looking (64%).
  14. Beltre is 10 RBI shy of 1000.
  15. Jon Lester may be 2-4 in his last six starts, but his ERA over those starts is 2.85. His ERA this month is 0.93 with a 2-1 record.
  16. Lester’s record is 13-7 and the team’s record in his starts is 14-10.
  17. At home Lester has pitched 80.2 innings, and on the road, 80.1. He is 6-4 at home and 7-3 away. He has surrendered 8-of-10 homers at home.
  18. Lester is 10-1 with at least three runs of support.
  19. Batters are hitting .065 on 0-2 counts against Lester and only .176 when he has two outs.
  20. Daisuke Matsuzaka averages 4.02 pitches per batter.
  21. He has had 130 0-2 counts and 20 three-pitch strikeouts.
  22. He has only surrendered one grand slam in 73 bases loaded situations in his career and none in the last 43 including 15 this season. Batters are hitting .214 with the bases full this season, but .321 with runners on first and second and .444 with runners on first and third.
  23. Batters hit him at a .260 pace with no outs, .239 with one out, and .198 with two outs. Batters have a .927 OPS against him in the 1st inning but a .505 in the 4th inning.
  24. Batters hit .255 against him the first time they face him in a game, .167 the second time, and .283 the third time.
  25. Batters hit him at a rate of .262 in his first 25 pitches, by the time he’s reached pitches 51-75 they struggle against him hitting just .154. But from 76-100, they hit him at a .274 pace.
  26. Batters are hitting .165 against Daniel Bard, the best number on the team.
  27. Jonathan Papelbon has faced 212 batters, Bard 214. They’ve each walked 20.
  28. Bard has pitched 54.1 innings, Manny Delcarmen has pitched 42.1 innings and they’ve each given up 31 hits.
  29. Papelbon has pitched 51.2 innings, he and Delcarmen have each given up six homers.
  30. Nine of 22 inherited runners have scored off of Delcarmen.