The More Maniacal Chuck, Yankees edition

Yankee left-handed batters have hit 14 homers off of lefty pitchers, 11 by Robinson Cano, two by Brett Gardner, and one by Curtis Granderson.

The Yankees hit 38 homers in July, their most prolific month.

In 97 games, leading off the game, Derek Jeter is hitting .281. He’s hit one leadoff homer.

In 144 bases-loaded situations, the Yankees are hitting .432 with 9 grand-slams and 145 RBI.

Alex Rodriguez has had 11 games of 3+ RBI, Robinson Cano 9 games and Mark Teixeira, 8.

Nick Swisher has had 12 games of 3+ hits, Robinson Cano 11 games.

Brett Gardner has hit .350 when batting eighth, .264 when batting ninth.

Curtis Granderson is hitting .327 when leading off an inning.

Batters are hitting .196 in the 5th inning off of Javier Vasquez and .362 off him in the 6th inning.

Joba Chamberlain has had 14 hit free/walk free appearances.

After his start on June 2, Phil Hughes had a 2.54 ERA, it’s 4.07 today. In the nine starts since 6/2 he has only given up less than three runs once.

Mariano Rivera has appeared in 39 games and pitched 38.2 innings. Last season through July, he had made 43 appearances, pitching 43.1 innings. In 2008 through July, he had made 43 appearances, pitching 47.1 innings.In 2007 through July, he had made 41 appearances, pitching 44.1 innings. In 2006 through July, he had made 47 appearances, pitching 56.1 innings.