SportsNewser interviews Harold Reynolds

There is a lot of very good talent at the MLB Network, and some not so great. If I were creating a bell curve for the studio talent, on the down end of the spectrum I would place Mitch Williams, who seems as under-prepared as any sports commentator in their employ. On the top of the heap, is the personable and knowledgeable Harold Reynolds.

SportsNewser recently interviewed Reynolds and here are a couple of highlights:

Co-editor Marcus Vanderberg asked If you had to pick a favorite broadcast team, who would it be?

I love Hawk Harrelson of the Chicago White Sox … whoever he’s with. He’s probably my favorite. Just with his calls and his freedom in the booth like yelling at the umpires. He does whatever he wants to do and his freedom to express is pretty cool.

Early prediction for the 2011 World Series?

I would have to say the Red Sox and the Phillies as an easy guess. Although I’m not sold because baseball is funny in that way in that it fools you with a major injury. We saw it happen already with the Cardinals and we just don’t know what’s going to happen.

There’s much more to the interview and it’s definitely worth the read. Check it out.