Nine to Know: Leaders edition

  1. Dan Haren and Jered Weaver, both of the Angels, lead the majors with four wins.
  2. Weaver leads all pitchers with 31 strikeouts. Josh Willingham of the A’s leads all batters with 22.
  3. Prince Fielder of the Brewers leads all batters with 16 RBI.
  4. Kevin Youkilis of the BoSox and Jonny Gomes of the Reds lead all batters with 15 walks each. Edinson Volquez of the Reds leads all pitchers having issued 16 walks.
  5. Volquez, Luke Hochevar of the Royals, and Erik Bedard of the Mariners have all issued six homers. Troy Tulowitzki of the Rockies has hit seven to lead the majors.
  6. 2010 AL CYA winner Felix Hernandez of the Mariners, Ryan Dempster of the Cubs, and Mike Pelfrey of the Mets, lead the majors surrendering 29 hits apiece. Starlin Castro of the Cubs has a major league leading 28 hits. Castro also leads with 21 singles.
  7. Matt Kemp of the Dodgers leads all batters with a .474 avg.
  8. Tulowitzki leads everyone with a 1.322 OPS.
  9. Jose Tabata of the Pirates and Kemp lead the majors with eight steals apiece.