Yankees Logo Sued for Infringement

Billy-Ball.com legal correspondent, Jeff Garmel provided this news item:

According to the onlinejournal.com, the Yankees logo is being sued for trademark infringement. The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan Court by Tanit Buday, claims that her uncle, Kenneth Timur was commissioned to create the famed design that put a red and white striped top hat with a blue band and stars atop a baseball bat in 1936 but never received compensation.

The Yankees have credited Henry Alonzo Keller, a sports illustrator, for designing that logo. This isn’t the first time the logo has come into question. The family of Sam Friedman, an artist in New York City, claimed two years ago he had scrawled the logo on a napkin in the 1940’s.

Alice McGillion, spokesperson for the New York Yankees, told CNN that “this is a wonderful country where anybody can sue for anything, even when the allegations are over 70 years old.”