Crazy night: Red Sox change their name to Red Hots

It was a crazy night for baseball.

What do you get when a team that stumbles through April and then has to face Felix Hernandez, Jered Weaver, and Dan Haren?

Do not tell me you anticipated three wins because I will not believe you.

The Boston Red Hots moved to 3-0 in May as they handily disposed of Haren and the Angels, 7-3 as Jon Lester (4-1) struck out 11 over seven innings. Adrian Gonzalez hit his second Sox homer and his first at Fenway, and David Ortiz hit his fourth of the season and the second in two night as they went B2B in the 8th. Later in the inning, Marco Scutaro added a two-run homer.

The Red Sox, who are again within a game of .500 at 14-15, are 6-0 against the Angels who are 16-8 in all their other games. The Red Sox are 12-6 following a 2-9 start.

This was game number 8000 for the Angels who are 3983-4017 since 1961.