Advice to the Bruins: Watch out for Maz!

Tonight, Scott Waugh goes for what he hopes will be the first of two rings this championship season. Scott has worked on obliques for the Boston Bruins as their Rehabilitation Coordinator for the past 14 years, and as the Physical Therapist for the Boston Red Sox for the past 6 years. He knows a lot about both sports.

Me? I’m a baseball guy, but I do know the curve on a pitch and the curve on a stick makes flying objects do funny things and as the Stanley Cup winds down tonight in a winner take all Game 7, I also know enough to warn the Bruins to watch out for Maz.

What am I talking about? There’s nobody on the Canucks roster named Maz. That’s exactly my point. The player the Bruins need to watch for tonight is a “nobody” today.

To explain, I need to take you back to the 1960 World Series….

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