David Ross walkoff

Atlanta’s backup catcher David Ross hit a bases-loaded walkoff single in the 10th inning to give the Braves a 2-1 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Dan Uggla had three hits to extend his career-best hitting streak to 18 games.

Umpire Jerry Meals whose egregiously horrible call created a firestorm Tuesday night/Wednesday morning said he saw in his review of the play that Lugo’s pants moved slightly when tagged. Meals said that showed him he missed the call.

“After coming into the locker room, I reviewed the incident through our videos that we have in here and after seeing a few of them, on one particular replay, I was able to see that Lugo’s pant leg moved ever so slightly when the swipe tag was attempted by McKenry,” Meals said.

“That’s telling me that I was incorrect in my decision and that he should have been ruled out and not safe.”

It sounds as if his contrition was said through clenched teeth.