The Inside Track on Fritz Peterson, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon

Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa of the Boston Herald’s “The Inside Trackreports that a movie about the former Yankee pitchers Fritz Peterson and his teammate Mike Kekich who switched wives will be made. Peterson said Ben Affleck will make the movie even though Kekich has refused to cooperate.

Ben and his brother Casey Affleck have been rewriting a script for “The Trade,”  describing the wife swap that took place in 1972, and the lives swap that occurred in 1973.

Ben is set to play Peterson and Matt Damon, was reportedly ready to direct and play Kekich, who is not happy about the proposed film.

Peterson married Susanne Kekich in 1974 and they are still together. Kekich and Marilyn Peterson were on and off for a few years but are now each married to other people.

The Track reports that Rachel WeiszNaomi Watts and Rebecca Hall are all said to be interested in the roles of Susanne and Marilyn.

Last month, New York Magazine had a Mark Jacobson feature on the swapped lives of 40% of the Yankees 1972 rotation.