Did you spend a little time watching your favorite team this season?

If you were a Red Sox fan, and watched every minute of every game, you spent more time watching your team collapse than any other team, 521 hours and 23 minutes. If you were a Mariners fan, and watched every minute of every game, you had more time to enjoy a beautiful Seattle day or evening and get some yummy food at Iver’s, because the M’s played only 447 hours and 46 minutes of uninspiring baseball.

This data is compliments of one my favorite baseball graphic artists, Craig Robinson, whose work is wonderfully displayed at flipflopflyball.com.

If you think the numbers are cool, check out how he graphically exhibits them:

Check out Craig Robinson's talents by clicking on the graphic to bring you to his site

Craig has a book out that I imagine is pretty cool, but I await my reviewer’s copy before I can recommend it to you for the Billy-Ball-Book-Club.