Jim Thome wants to keep playing

Jim Thome yesterday became the first ballplayer since Babe Ruth to address the City Club of Cleveland and said he still wants to play.

“I’ll keep playing,” said Thome, eighth on the all-time list with 604 career homers. “I just need teams to call me. I can’t go play in the backyard by myself. I don’t know the demand for a 41-year-old DH, but my passion is I want to continue to play.”

Thome said his desire to capture a World Series title is more important to him than setting individual records.

Thome played word association with the audience in which he was asked to comment about certain players. My favorite was Manny Ramirez:

“Another one, as far as clutch hitters of all time. Could turn the game like that. … He had great personality was well. He was a guy, [you’d be like] where’s your underwear today or where’s your socks, where’s your stirrups and Manny would have ’em on.”

Listen to Thome’s appearance here.

Ruth spoke to the City Club of Cleveland on July 17, 1925, and apparently he wants to play as well.