Today is 11/11/11, the only double-figure palindromic date, but more importantly it is Veterans Day, Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day.

Since I’m not as qualified to write about that, I have included the video essay that Imogen Lloyd Weber delivered on the Dylan Ratigan Show yesterday at the bottom of my foolishness.

Here’s 11 to know:

  1. Three players have hit 111 career homers: J.J. Hardy, Greg Gagne and Max Alvis.
  2. Kevin Youkilis has had 111 hits each of the last two seasons.
  3. Ryan Braun and Mark Teixeira each had 111 RBI in 2011. They are two of 56 players who have had 111 RBI seasons. Chipper Jones and Orlando Cepeda each did it twice.
  4. Three pitchers ended their seasons with an ERA of 1.11: Bobby Castillo in 1979, Babe Adams and Chick Brandom both in 1909
  5. Johnny Niggeling and Claude Willoughby are the two pitchers who allowed 1111 hits in their career
  6. No batter ever ended their career with 1111 hits in their career but Fred Lynn and George Hendrick each had 1111 RBI.
  7. There have been 492 players who ended the season hitting .111 but none had more plate appearances than the outfielder Jose Gonzalez in 1991 who had 134 PA. Twenty-one players hit .111 twice including Pedro Martinez.
  8. Kyle Lohse of the Cardinals recorded 111 strikeouts in 2011. He is one of 91 pitchers who have done that. Lohse also had 111 strikeouts in 2004.
  9. Jason Bere pitched 1111 innings in his career.
  10. Five players have had their #11 retired:
    • Carl Hubbell Giants 1944
    • Jim Fregosi Angels August 1, 1998
    • Luis Aparicio White Sox August 14, 1984
    • Paul Waner Pirates July 21, 2007
    • Sparky Anderson Tigers June 26, 2011
  11. Bill Hands came oh so very close to a perfect record for today. He finished his pitching career with a record of 111-110.

Imogen Lloyd Webber yesterday wrote about what “Remembrance Day,” as it’s called in the U.K. and many other countries, means to her and shared it on the Dylan Rattigan Show on MSNBC.

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Thank you to the veterans around the world.