From the Bill Chuck Files

  1. Troy Tulowitzki had 18 doubles before the All-Star break and 18 after. He also hit 18 doubles at home and 18 doubles away.
  2. Carl Crawford struck out 104 times last year and 104 times this year. Oh yeah, he did it in 119 fewer plate appearances this season.
  3. This season, Nick Markakis had 8 homers and 36 RBI at home and 7 homers and 37 RBI on the road. But, he hit .259 at home in Camden Yards and .308 on the road.
  4. Yes, Asdrubal Cabrera had a great season, but he clearly wore out as the season progressed: in May he hit .330, in June .297, July .266, August .239, and September .234.
  5. Boston, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Kansas City combined for nine complete games in 2011, two fewer than James Shields by himself.
  6. Miguel Cabrera and Ted Williams each hit .344; Cabrera for his 2011 season, Williams for his 19-season career.
  7. Well it can’t be the ballpark – The Twins hit only 25 sac flies, the fewest of any MLB team. On the other hand, they allowed 62 sac flies, the most in the majors.
  8. Ian Desmond of the Nationals hit .227 in the first 79 games of the season under manager Jim Riggleman and hit .277 in the last 83 games of the season under manager Davey Johnson.
  9. Jose Bautista this season became only the sixth American Leaguer with 40+ homers, 130+ walks and a .300+ batting average. Babe Ruth did it nine times, while Jason Giambi, Frank Thomas, Ted Williams, and Lou Gehrig did it once each.