Pedro rips the 2011 Red Sox

In today’s Boston Herald, Michael Silverman has a terrific article about a conversation with future Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez about what happened to the 2011 Red Sox. Pedey hasn’t pitched since 2009 and will soon announce his official retirement.

Here’s Pedro on the the on-field collapse of the Sox in September and the revelations about frat house behavior from a few on the roster.

“When things go wrong, everything falls apart,” said Martinez. “But I would be really embarrassed if I were in that situation, embarrassed for the management and the players. The Red Sox have a lot of work to do with disappointed fans.”

On the tales of drinking during the game:

“I think there was lack of leadership, lack of integrity. If that happened, there was lack of integrity from top to bottom — there’s got to be,” said Martinez. “It’s respecting the game, respecting yourself, respecting your job, respecting your career. And if you don’t do that, you’re not going to have an honorable career.”

On Josh Beckett:

“He’s not totally healthy, he’s not in good condition,” said Martinez. “I know Beckett. It’s easier for him to pitch when he’s healthy. I know his mechanics, too.”

“He’s leaning back a little bit, his lower back is probably barking a little bit and this” — Martinez grabbed his own belly — “is blowing up on him, and that cannot happen.”

On David Ortiz:

“I think David, his life is here already,” said Martinez. “They both need to find a way to give up a little bit and keep up that good relationship here.”

Nice job by Silverman.

Read the the full article here.