Nine to Know: Stats of the Day

  1. Even accepting that 9 or 10 games means nothing over the course of entire season, it’s still fascinating that in this small snapshot that the Washington Nationals have the best team ERA in all of baseball with a sparkling 1.99. I’ll now give you 29 guesses who has the worst team ERA…you got it (finally), the Tampa Bay Rays at 6.75 (wow!).
  2. Cardinals, Texas and the Indians (!) lead the majors with 15 homers each. The Dodgers’ Matt Kemp all by himself has six homers. I mention this because the Pittsburgh Pirates as a team has four (4, IV, IIII).
  3. The San Diego Padres have 61 hits this season which includes six homers, two triples, and 13 doubles. Which, according to my math, means they have 40 singles in 10 games. They have walked 48 times.
  4. Matt Kemp, the six homer guy, hit six homers last April and he hit seven in 2010.
  5. Miami, Seattle, and Texas have seven Quality Starts already. Liam Hendriks has pitched one QS for the Twins, he’s the only one on their staff who has accomplished that.
  6. Since 1900, there have been eight unassisted triple plays. Since 1900, there had been only one 2-5-6-3 triple play before the one the Dodgers pulled yesterday in the 9th inning in their game against the Padres. This combo triple play had happened only once before. On  May 21, 1950 the Cards pulled it off against the Phils. That time however, it occurred in the 1st inning of the first game of a doubleheader and was different because it began with with an Eddie Waitkus strike out and then Richie Ashburn was caught stealing third base and a running Granny Hamner was caught at second base. This time, Jesus Guzman showed bunt and Dodgers closer Javy Guerra‘s fastball caught Guzman’s bat between his hands. Home plate umpire Dale Scott moved back and moved his arms up in an apparent dead ball signal. Catcher A.J. Ellis didn’t hear anything, so he threw the ball around the horn to third baseman Juan Uribe to shortstop Dee Gordon covering second base and to first baseman James Loney  and the TP was complete. You can see this unusual and controversial triple play below.
  7. You know how when you are training you wear ankle weights as you run? Someone should mention to the Royals that it’s time to take them off. KC does have four steals, but have been caught stealing five (5, V, !!!!!) times. Eric Hosmer, Chris Getz, Jeff Francoeur, Billy Butler, and Jarrod Dyson have each been caught stealing.
  8. Freddie Freeman and Tyler Pastornicky have each grounded into one double play for the Braves. Big deal, right? What’s big is those are the only two DPs the Braves have hit into this season.
  9. Do you think the Yankees care that the Nick Swisher/Raul Ibanez combo is hitting .237 (14-for-29)? Probably not. Between the two they have 20 RBI, more than any two AL teammates. They pale in comparison though to the Dodgers’ Kemp (16 RBI) and Andre Ethier (15) who have 31 between them.

The Dodgers triple play: