Order your copy of Walkoffs, Last Licks, and Final Outs today (Pedroia has 921 hits)

Order your autographed copy of Walkoffs, Last Licks, and Final Outs for the mere price of one penny for every hit that Dustin Pedroia has in his regular season career.

  • We started this offer on the morning of May 21 when Pedroia had 914 hits.
  • On May 21, Pedroia had two hits to raise his total to 916.
  • On May 22, Pedroia went 0-4.
  • On May 23, Pedroia went 1-5.
  • On May 25, Pedroia went 0-4.
  • On May 26, Pedroia went 2-3.
  • On May 27, Pedroia went 1-4.
  • On May 28, Pedroia went 1-3
  • Pedey didn’t play on May 29 and will continue to be day-to-day after having suffered a has a torn adductor muscle in his right thumb. He’s hoping to avoid the DL.

This means as of the morning of May 30, 2012, Pedey has 921 career hits.

And that means if you order the book today, it will cost you $9.21 including shipping.

Don’t delay, the price will rise one penny for every hit that Pedroia accumulates between now and June 14 when this offers ends.

Send your check dated May 30 for $9.21 to:

  • Bill Chuck
  • Billy-Ball.com
  • 44 Coolidge Street
  • Brookline, MA 02446