Re-using Broken Baseball Bats

Nice piece by small business columnist Jan Norman of the Orange County Register on the re-use of broken baseball bats.

Norman answers the question, “What do they do with all those broken white ash and maple bats?”

Hare are some of her answers:, buys “game used” (and broken) bats from eBay and other sources to make wood pens with trim in black, gold, gun metal, chrome and copper. Each pen comes with a certificate of authenticity that the wood is from a bat used in a game of a specific team. Five dollars of the $55 sale price go to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, High Hopes Head Injury Program or Meningitis Foundation of America.

Kattobashi, a play on words from “KATTOBASE!!”, Japanese for “make a big hit,” in Japan makes bats broken in Japanese baseball games into chopsticks. (The company website is in Japanese, but click here for more information.)

Some crafters have used them to make Adirondack chairs, three-legged stools or mallet handles.

Simply Wood Rings can make wood wedding rings, although its website doesn’t seem to have any examples of rings made of baseball bats.

Tokens & Icons makes a variety of authenticated baseball products including beer can openers whose handles are recycled baseball bats.