Tracking the NL Cy Young Award race

R.A. Dickey is my leader at this point in the season

I have to tell you, I think it is so much fun watching the great pitching in the National League this season. I’m not going to even pretend that the records to this point in the season are in any indicative what a pitcher’s final record may be, I share this with you now as a starting point not even a halfway point on the road to the Cy Young Award.

The Felix Hernandez CYA winning season of 2010 when he finished 13-12 tells us that voters have appropriately moved beyond W-L percentage as the key determinant for Cy votes. However it is interesting to note that:

ERA still does matter and there are an impressive group of pitchers to look at:

  • R.A. Dickey has a 2.00 ERA, tied for best in the league with Brian Beachy who unfortunately is gone for the season with Tommy John surgery (Beachy won’t be included on the rest of this chart).
  • Ryan Dempster, who sits on the DL awaiting a trade, has a 2.11 ERA
  • James McDonald pitched his first career complete game last night, and lowered his ERA to 2.19. He has allowed one run or fewer in nine of 14 starts this season.
  • Wade Miley (he pitches for Arizona) has a 2.30 ERA to go with 8-3 record.
  • Matt Cain has a 2.34 ERA
  • Johnny Cueto has a 2.38 ERA
  • Ryan Vogelsong has a 2.41 ERA
  • Stephen Strasburg has a 2.46 ERA
  • Gio Gonzalez has a 2.55 ERA

WHIP is Walks + Hits divided by Innings Pitched (I include that in case in the oft-chance Mitch Williams reads this, or anything). Check out these minuscule numbers:

  • R.A. Dickey has a 0.899 WHIP
  • Matt Cain has a 0.910 WHIP
  • James McDonald has a 0.952 WHIP
  • Clayton Kershaw has a 1.007 WHIP
  • Ryan Dempster has a 1.025 WHIP
  • Stephen Strasburg has a 1.036 WHIP
  • Gio Gonzalez has a 1.051 WHIP

Your strikeout leaders:

  • Stephen Strasburg has 110 Ks
  • R.A. Dickey has 103 Ks
  • Gio Gonzalez has 101 Ks
  • Matt Cain has 100 Ks

Finally, WAR (Wins Above Replacement, Mitch) leaders among pitchers:

WAR for Pitchers
1. Dickey (NYM) 3.5
2. Gonzalez (WSN) 2.8
Cueto (CIN) 2.8
4. Miley (ARI) 2.5
Strasburg (WSN) 2.5
McDonald (PIT) 2.5
7. Cain (SFG) 2.4
8. Dempster (CHC) 2.3
9. Greinke (MIL) 2.2
Vogelsong (SFG) 2.2
Kershaw (LAD) 2.2