Nine to Know: World Series Afterthoughts – Reds, Yankees, Red Sox, Casilla, Affeldt and more

  1. This was the Giants’ seventh World Series title and their third World Series sweep. The Giants are the fourth team to win at least seven World Series titles, joining the Yankees (27), Cardinals (11) and A’s (9). Their previous sweeps were in 1954 against the Cleveland Indians and in 1922 against the Yankees.
  2. Let’s give a little thought to the Cincinnati Reds. In the NLDS, the Reds held a 2-0 lead before the streaky Giants came back to win three straight and move on to NLCS. Speaking of the Reds, no National League team had swept a World Series since the 1990 Reds swept the A’s. And while we’re looking back at the Reds, the  Giants are the first NL team to win two World Series in a three-year span since the Big Red Machine won the 1975 and 1976 Series, appropriately defeating the Red Sox in seven and sweeping the Yankees.
  3. And if you think I always bring it back to the Red Sox and the Yankees, here’s a thought: the last two American League teams to win the Series are the 2007 Red Sox and the 2009 Yankees.
  4. I  love the way the new Wild Card play-in worked. as you may recall, one of the goals of the two Wild Card teams playing one another was to appropriately give the division winners a well-deserved edge. Of the four Wild Card teams, only the Cardinals made it as far as the LCS and they, of course, lost to our World Champion Giants in seven games after holding a 3-1 lead. The Cardinals were the defending World Champs and last year’s NL Wild Card team.
  5. Pablo Sandoval was the World Series MVP. Hey, what does he have in common with last year’s winner David Freese and Mike Lowell of the 2007 Red Sox? All third basemen.
  6. Did anybody, I mean an-y-body notice that Santiago Casilla picked up the win in Game 4? In a way that was no surprise. Casilla was 7-6 during the regular season and his 13 decisions tied him with John Axford (5-8) for the second most decisions for a reliever without any starts in 2012. The White Sox’ Matt Thornton was 4-10 in 74 relief appearances.
  7. The Giants ended the postseason with a seven game winning streak one better than their longest streak during the regular season.
  8. Did you happen to notice Jeremy Affeldt performance this postseason? The Giants’ reliever pitched three scoreless innings in the NLDS against the Reds, 4.2 scoreless innings against the Cards in the NLCS, and two scoreless against the Tiges in the Series. In the 9.2 innings pitched, Affeldt allowed five hits while striking out 10. This is Jeremy’s third World Series and he he attributes that to his wife Larisa and their three boys. Larisa gave birth to their first son Walker who was born in August 2007, and Affeldt’s Rockies shocked the world and went to the World Series. Their second son Logan was born in September of 2010 and Affeldt’s Giants won the World Series. The couple’s third son Colt (?)was born on Aug. 28. “I told my wife there’s something to it,” Affeldt said. “She’s like, ‘I don’t care. Find another way to make this happen.’ “
  9. Don’t you have to be impressed with the Giants GM Brian Sabean? Give him a Ring Around the Rosy, cause he already has a pocketful of…

Look at the Giants’ starting lineup in the clinching Game 5 of the 201o World Series

Andres Torres  RF
Freddy Sanchez  2B
Buster Posey  C
Cody Ross  LF
Juan Uribe  3B
Aubrey Huff  1B
Pat Burrell  DH
Edgar Renteria  SS
Aaron Rowand  CF
Tim Lincecum  P
   Brian Wilson  P
Team Totals
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Now look at the San Francisco lineup at the clinching Game 4 of the 2012 Series