Today’s MLB Game 5 LDS Results/Schedule and 25 to Know

Where we were

Giants 6, Reds 4 (Giants win the series, 3-2)
Tigers 6, A’s 0 (Tigers win the series, 3-2)

Why we’re here

Nationals 2, Cardinals 1 (series tied, 2-2)
Orioles 2, Yankees 1 (13) (series tied, 2-2)

Where we’re going

Orioles (Jason Hammel) at Yankees (C.C. Sabathia), 5:07

Cardinals (Adam Wainwright) at Nationals (Gio Gonzalez), 8:37

25 to know

  1. This is the first time all four LDS series have gone the limit.
  2. The Phillies Phactor – Two games have now been decided by walkoff homers by ex-Phils: Raul Ibanez and Jayson Werth.
  3. Bruce Bochy is now 4-0 in postseason series as the Giants manager.
  4. All five games between the Red and Ginats were won by the visiting team and this was the first time all season that the Reds lost three straight at home.
  5. Teams that lose the first two games in a best-of-five series are 7-59 all-time.
  6. Justin Verlander pitched the 129th complete game shutout in postseason history, his first in the postseason and the first in the AL since Josh Beckett blanked the Angels, 4-0, for the Red Sox in the 2007 ALDS. Beckett also pitched the last World Series shutout in 2003 when he was with the Marlins and he topped the Yankees, 2-0. Christy Mathewson holds the record with four postseason (all World Series) shutouts.
  7. Verlander tossed back-to-back 11-strikeout games against the A’s and he now has three 11-whiffers. Truly getting granular – His 11 Ks were the most in a shutout of a winner-take-all postseason game, topping Sandy Koufax‘s 10 in the 1965 World Series against Minnesota.
  8. Buster Posey hit the 54th grand slam in postseason history; 53 batters have hit one with (ex-Phil) Jim Thome hitting two. It was the third slam in Giants history. Chuck Hiller off the Yanks in 1962 and Will Clark off Greg Maddux and Cubs in 1989 were the others.
  9. In games decided by two runs or less, the Cardinals .394 winning percentage was only better than Houston’s .387 and the Cubs’ .392.
  10. This season, Jason Hammel had a 3.44 ERA and 1.25 WHIP at home and a 3.43 ERA and 1.22 WHIP on the road.
  11. The Orioles are now 1-3 in extra-inning games against the Yankees and 16-0 against everyone else in 2012.
  12. The Orioles are 1-0 this postseason in winner take all  games and 1-3 all-time.
  13. The Bay Area teams, the same but different: In their five games against the Reds, the Giants hit .194 and in their five games against the Tigers, the A’s hit .194. The diference is that the Giants 18 runs were enough to move on, while A’s 11 runs were not.
  14. The Yankees Universe is moaning about their team’s awful bats because their team is hitting .216. Maybe they should be thrilled that their pitching staff is holding Baltimore to a .205 average.
  15. Yankee pitchers have a 1.93 ERA in their series.
  16. Nationals pitchers have a 5.40 ERA in their series.
  17. I forgot to mention that yesterday that Tim Lincecum is now 1-0 as a regular season reliever and 1-0 as a postseason reliever.
  18. This postseason the Cardinals, Reds, Giants, and Nationals have each hit five homers
  19. Brandon Phillips had nine hits to lead all batters this postseason, but to paraphrase Ken Harrelson, “He gone!” Allan Craig and Derek Jeter (no surprise) are next with eight each.
  20. What batter has the most strikeouts this postseason? If you said, Alex Rodriguez, you’re wrong! He and teammate Curtis Granderson have K’d nine times each but Josh Reddick whiffed 10 times.
  21. I’ll give you another try. What batter has the lowest batting average this postseason? If you said, Alex Rodriguez, you’re wrong (again)! A-Rod’s 2-16, .125 average is robust compared to Matt Weiters (.095), Adam Jones (.091), Curtis Granderson (.063), and Bryce Harper‘s 1-18, .056 to name a few.
  22. Jayson Werth has two regular season walkoff homers including one against the Nationals. Overall, he now has 14 postseason homers.
  23. Derek Jeter now has 199 postseason hits extending his record over Bernie Williams who finished with 128.
  24. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when Derek Jeter  tripled in Game 3 it was his fifth postseason and his first triple of 2012 as he had none in the regular season
  25. The Cardinals have grounded into seven DPs.