N2K: January 23rd is National Pie Day

Baseball, apple pie, and …

The American Pie Council wants to know which pie are you going to choose for your National Pie Day party?  They claim, “The pie-sibilities are endless!”

To find out pie events going on throughout the country visit  http://www.piecouncil.org/Events/MoreHappenings.

Or, you simply may want to simply be content with these baseball pie-related items.

Nine to Know Baseball Pies

  1. The Big Apple Pie – In honor of the Yankees and Mets of New York
  2. Strawberry PieDarryl Strawberry played for both NY teams as well as in
  3. Dodgers Blue-Berry Pie – For those of who bleed Dodger Blue
  4. Billy-Ball Cherry Pie – When I was a kid I was haunted by the song, “Where have you been Billy Boy?” Which includes the lyrics, “Can she make a cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?”
  5. The Felix Pie – You say “to-may-to,” I say “to-mah-to.” You say, “pee-ay,” I say “pie.”
  6. The Walkoff Pie (a.k.a. The Soupy Sales) – Whipped cream in the face, particularly during postgame interviews, has become a baseball tradition
  7. Georgia Peach Pie – Perfect when you want to Ty Cobb one on.
  8. Rhubarb Pie – A memorial to the great Earl Weaver who was in his share of rhubarbs.
  9. Sam LeCure Pi – The Cincinnati reliever had a 3.14 ERA in 2012 (that’s “pi,” baby).