The Bill Chuck Files: Five for Friday

Micah Owings has a 32-33 lifetime record on the mound, so it was just mildly surprising when the Nationals signed him as a first baseman. He’s a lifetime .283 hitter in the majors and a .337 hitter in the minors.

In 2009, with the Angels, John Lackey primarily had two catchers: Jeff Mathis for 17 games and batters hit .237 and Mike Napoli for 10 games and batters hit .309.

Jake Peavy has a lifetime 3.46 ERA, the same as Curt Schilling and David Cone.

In 2012, for the second time in the last three seasons, Adam LaRoche had exactly 100 RBI, Gary Sheffield and Ryan Sandberg are two other players who had exactly 100 ribbies twice in their careers.

Overall in the majors in 2012, there were 19,999 RBI.

Over the last four seasons, Josh Hamilton’s percentage of extra base hits has risen each year from 34% to 2009, to 40% in 2010, 42% in 2011, and 48% in 2012.