The Bill Chuck Files: Nine to Know

Here are your Nine to Know:

  1. Last season, Edinson Volquez and Gio Gonzalez led all pitchers with 29 starts allowing seven hits or less, but Gonzalez led with 22 starts of five hits or less.
  2. Last season, the average American League batting average was .255 and Dayan Viciedo was the only AL-er to hit .255.
  3. Last season, the average National League batting average was .254 and Darwin Barney was the only NL-er to hit .254.
  4. Three batters have had 160+ strikeouts each of the last three seasons: Adam Dunn, Drew Stubbs, and B.J. Upton.
  5. Walk this way: Last season, the Mets and the Indians led the majors giving up 119 leadoff walks, but the Reds only walked 68 batters to open an inning.
  6. In 2012, Anthony Rizzo and Lucas Duda each had 15 homers, 15 doubles, among their 96 hits. The difference is Rizzo hit .285, while Duda hit only .239.
  7. Michael Young has been on a Stairmaster since 2007 going up and down in performance every-other-year. In 2007, he hit .315. In 2008, he hit .284. In 2009, he hit .322. In 2010, he hit .284. In 2011, he hit .338. In 2012, he hit .277.
  8. There are four active players with at least 100 steals, 200 homers, 800 RBI and a lifetime .300+ batting average. Well, three with Chipper Jones retiring and two with Alex Rodriguez on the DL. The two are both in New York: Derek Jeter and David Wright.
  9. He had a bad season – The most losses without a win in 2012 honors goes to Fernando Abad who went 0-6 for the Astros.