The Bill Chuck Files – The Friday Five

Five Baseball Notes from the Bill Chuck Files (@BillyBall on Twitter, and found M-F on,, and Sundays with Nick Cafardo in the Boston Globe)

  1. Major League Baseball players had exactly 20,000 RBI in 2012.
  2. Last season, J.J. Hardy and Jimmy Rollins each had 158 hits and 68 RBI, Rollins out-homered Hardy, 23-22.
  3. Sergio Romo, who had three saves in the World Series, had three career saves entering the 2012 regular season.
  4. Here’s an interesting trio: Brad Penny, Edgar Renteria, and Cody Ross. These are the only three players who played for the Florida Marlins, and both 2012 World Series teams (Tigers and Giants). On top of that, they all played for the Red Sox.
  5. Since 2009, B.J. Upton has hit .242 with 15 triples, 80 homers, and a .736 OPS very similar to Colby Rasmus who hit .243 with 16 triples, 76 homers, and a .735 OPS.