The Giants Tie One On

Spring training results don’t interest me. Wins and losses in spring training games, particularly at this point in the process, are meaningless.

My primary focus is watching for any extreme performances (especially bad) but even more so, I watch for injuries and signs of recovery from injuries (Red Sox Nation got what seems to be a false scare last night as Will Middlebrooks left the game in the 1st with sharp pain in the wrist he broke last season. And the Cubs were falsely terrified when Starlin Castro left their game when his left hamstring tightened up while running out a grounder.).

Having said that, I am watching the results of the San Francisco Giants games. Not because they chose the kumbaya route, basically bringing back their entire world championship team, but because their results have been perfectly meh.

The Giants have played five games and are currently on a fascinating three-game streak.

Here are their spring results:

  • February 23 – defeated the Angels (split squad), 4-1
  • February 24 – lost to the Cubs, 4-3
  • February 25 – tied the White Sox, 9-9
  • February 26 – tied the Dodgers, 8-8
  • February 27 – tied the Angels, 8-8

The Giants play the Mariners today and you know what I’m rooting for.