Nine to Know: 2012 Grand Slams

David Wright‘s grand slam on Saturday enabled Team USA to defeat Italy, 6-2.

So far, the most interesting aspect of the WBC was the basebrawl between Mexico and Canada over apparently who is really the United States’ BFF.

Wright’s grand slam was the first for Team USA since Jason Varitek on March 8, 2006, against Canada which got me thinking about grand slams in games that count/matter/of interest.

Nine to Know: Grand Slams 2012

  1. 87 batters hit slams last season off 92 pitchers.
  2. Nick Swisher led the majors with three grand slams last season. He had 17 slam opportunities with the Yanks and will be happy to have that many again with the Tribe.
  3. No pitcher allowed more grannies last season than Jason Frasor who surrendered three for the Jays in 13 opportunities.
  4. No team last season hit more slams than the Yanks who hit 10.
  5. The Tigers (Miguel Cabrera) and the Royals (Mike Moustakas) each hit just one last season.
  6. No team surrendered more slams than the Toronto Blue Jays with eight.
  7. The Giants, Brewers, Angels, and Indians each allowed just one slam last season.
  8. There were three walkoff slams last season: Brandon Inge, Joey Votto, and Giancarlo Stanton were the heroes. The Reds were trailing by a run when Votto hit his, Oakland and Miami were tied for the other two.
  9. David Wright was 0-for-9 in grand slam opportunities and has not slammed since 2006, when he hit a pair. He also had two in 2005, for the four slams in his regular season career in 124 opportunities.