Nine to Know: “He said he felt a pop,” and other things baseball fans don’t want to hear

Yesterday, Mark Teixeira injured his wrist while working out with the WBC United States team in Arizona.

And Yankees GM Brian Cashman reported, “He said he felt a pop.”

Let’s use that as our starter for:

Nine to Know

Things baseball fans don’t want to hear:

  1. “He said he felt a pop.”
  2. “My treat to the ballgame tonight: the Astros are in town.”
  3. “Look! They’re doing the Wave!”
  4. “Now, let’s hear what Mitch Williams has to say.”
  5. “He has an appointment with Dr. James Andrews.”
  6. “The scheduled starter tonight is Daisuke Matsuzaka.”
  7. “We have a very special guest in the booth….”
  8. “Remember, it’s the middle of April so make sure you vote for every member of the home team for the All Star Game.”
  9. “The team is in discussions with Manny Ramirez.”

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