Nine to Know – Soriano, Farrell, Pujols, Gordon, Cano, AGon, Mayberry, Beltre, Beltran, Manush & more

From the Bill Chuck Files…

  1. Rafael Soriano keeps losing something off his fastball. In 2009, it was 93.4, in 2010 it was 93.0, in 2011 it was 92.8, and last season it was 92.3.

  2. Over the two seasons since John Farrell left the Red Sox, their team ERA was 4.45, 26th best in the majors. Then again, the Farrell managed Toronto Blue Jays had an ERA of 4.48, 27th best in the bigs.

  3. Baseball continues to move back to pre-steroid numbers: there were ten 20-homer/20-steal players last season, the same as 1996.

  4. .357, .327, .312, .299, .287: Albert Pujols’ batting averages over the last five seasons.

  5. Over the 2011-12 seasons, no one has hit more doubles than Alex Gordon (96), followed by Robinson Cano (94) and Adrian Gonzalez (92).

  6. John Mayberry was the only Phil with over 100 strikeouts last season. The Orioles had seven 100-whiffers, the most in baseball history.

  7. In 1930, there were 76 players who qualified for the batting title who hit at least .300. In 2012, 2011, and 1983 there were 26.

  8. In Adrian Beltre’s pillow year with Boston in 2010, he hit .321, drove home 102 runs, and had an OPS of .919. Last season, with Texas, he hit .321, drove home 102 runs, and had an OPS of .921.

  9. Carlos Beltran has a career OPS of .856, the same as Hall of Famer Heinie Manush (a name we don’t write often enough).