Red Sox purchase their HR landing spot

The Red Sox owners have purchased the parking garage on Lansdowne Street opposite Fenway Park.

The roof parking is often seen on local and national television when a tape-measure homer has been hit as it flies over the Green Monster and across the street rattling among the parked cars.

The Sox payed $10.5 million for the potential redevelopment site.

“I’m not sure what exactly they have in mind for the property, but they could expand it, go up, a lot of different things,” said John Rosenthal, the Hub developer who bought the garage for $2.5 million in 1993.

stop_handgun_violenceThe Boston Herald reports that the garage sale stems from a partnership Rosenthal struck six years ago with the Sox that paved the way for his $450 million Fenway Center project, set to break ground this year.

Rosenthal’s Stop Handgun Violence billboard covers the back of the garage along the Pike. An easement will allow the billboard to stay, but Rosenthal expects it to eventually find a new home.

Under current zoning, the two-story garage could be converted into an eight-story building — about twice the height of the Monster.

“It will be operated as a parking garage for the foreseeable future,” Sox spokeswoman Zineb Curran said.