Should teams add their best prospects to their rosters?

The LA Dodgers optioned Yasiel Puig, who was only hitting .526 this spring to Double-A Chattanooga.

The 22-year old Cuban defector who was signed to a seven-year, $42 million deal last June and had played in Single A last season.

Good for the Dodgers.

The Texas Rangers are sending their top prospect shortstop Jurickson Profar to the minors to start the season. The 20-year old hit .244/.346/.311 this spring.

Good for the Rangers

The New York Mets traded NL Cy Young Award winner for a package of players but the gem was Travis d’Arnaud, the catching prospect who hit .333 with 16 homers and a .975 OPS in 67 games at Triple-A last season, and that’s where he’s headed again, for the time being. D’Arnaud, 24, this spring hit .342/.415/.457 with four doubles, four RBI and eight runs in 41 plate appearances.

Good for the Mets.

The centerpiece of the trade that sent James Shields from the Rays to Royals was uber-prospect Wil Meyers. The Rays optioned Myers to minor league camp last week despite the fact that last season Myers hit .314/.387/.600 with 37 homers across two levels.

Good for the Rays.

The Orioles have in Dylan Bundy a right-hander who’s generally regarded as the top pitching prospect in baseball after a 2.04 ERA, 0.92 WHIP and 4.25 K/BB across three different levels last season. The 20-year-old had a 1.13 ERA in four spring appearances and then was optioned to Double-A Bowie.

Good for the Orioles.

Only 20 years old, Oscar Taveras is thought to be one of the top three prospects in baseball. Already he has hit .321 and won the league batting title in the past two seasons at two different levels. Over the first 20 games of this endless spring training, the outfielder led the Cardinals in spring at-bats and was slugging .500. St. Louis is not even adding him yet to their 40-man major league roster.

Good for the Cardinals.

Jackie Bradley, Jr. has been the Boston Red Sox star this spring. This 22-year old future outfield star has hit .444 this spring, made his plays in the outfield and exhibited the speed and enthusiasm of youth. After a season and month of bile, he is the flavor of the month for the Boston media and despite all the new acquisitions made by Boston this offseason, he alone excites the Red Sox Nation masses. Bradley is still in major league camp and the Sox have not decided as to where Bradley will be on Opening Day.

Boo for the Red Sox.

The longer this indecision persists, the harder it will be for the Sox to send this kid down and not sending him down is a mistake for the future of this ballclub.

Don’t get me wrong, every player I have mentioned I like…a lot, including Bradley. Every player I mentioned has the potential of being a major league star. Not just good, a star.

But baseball is not just about the potential about winning now, it’s a business. And if you doubt me on that explain to me why it took Kyle Lohse until March to get his first offer after his success pitching the last two years.

If the Sox, or the Rays, or the Orioles, Cardinals, Rangers, or Mets postpone a prospect’s entry to the bigs for a few weeks or months, they delay the free agency clock. If they wait, they avoid the “Super Two” designation and avoid a year of arbitration.

Think of it this way, why call for a cab today and have the clock running for a trip you’re taking to the airport in June?

If these teams call up these prospects later this season, they extend team control from six full years (2013 through 2018) to part of seven (mid-2013 through 2019). How bad an idea is this if it worked for Bryce Harper and Mike Trout who each spent most of April in the minors last season and then were Rookies of the Year?

The Dodgers have enough millionaires to compensate while waiting for Puig.

The Rangers have enough depth to wait for Profar.

The Mets are going nowhere and when you are in their position in the NL East, you need to be patient for the future.

The Rays may need Myers as they compete with the Jays and the other wild card candidates, but the Rays know how quickly they lose players over time so they truly appreciate this patience.

The Orioles have had so many years of misery and now that they are turning the corner, they are in no rush to go back. Let Bundy have the benefit of the guidance of Orioles director of pitching development Rick Peterson in the safe environment of the minors and will be even greater when he’s called up.

There are few teams who are as well run as the Cardinals. Speaking of Taveras, “His development plan needs to be playing every day,” Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak said. “And when that time comes at the major-league level we have to make sure we’ve done what we can so that he has the mentality to handle the day-to-day rigors of the major-league schedule. It appears like he’s right on track.” That is making a long-term investment pay out.

Then comes the Red Sox. This team will be battling the Yankees once again in 2013, but this season it will most likely be for fourth place. Who cares if David Ortiz is out for part or all of April, don’t waste Bradley now. Send him down now and Bradley will be heading into his contract year in 2019 as Big Papi throws out the ceremonial first pitch on Opening Day.

The decision on Bradley will tell you a lot about who’s being smart in the Boston front office.