Video of the Day: Prince Harry plays baseball

I don’t know which is more enjoyable, watching the video of Prince Harry play baseball or reading the description of the event in The Telegraph:

Prince Harry hits home run as he learns to play baseball

He had already proved a dab hand at American Football and on Tuesday Prince Harry became an instant hit when he learned how to play the country’s favourite sport of baseball during his tour of the US.

The Prince, 28, managed to hit a home run with only the third delivery pitched at him as he met children at a community baseball project in East Harlem, New York.

He had the advantage of being coached by one of the city’s hottest sports stars Mark Teixeira, who plays first baseman for the New York Yankees.

The Prince was told about how the Harlem RBI charity, which stands for Revising (sic) Baseball in Inner Cities, has successfully helped children to stay out of trouble and improve their school grades since it was established in 1991.