Video of the Day: The 18-Month-Old Yankees Savant

So I was talking with Australian comedian Peter Meisel the other night and we were talking about the fact that when Mariano Rivera retires after this season that the Yankees will have two number 42s retired, Mo and Jackie Robinson.

I mentioned to him that the Yanks already one number retired for two players and Peter quickly replied, “#8 for Yogi Berra and, and, and…” I then said, “Bill….” And then Peter finished it off by saying, “Bill Dickey.”

Peter, who by the way is a very functional human being, then asked me if I was proud of him for knowing that factoid. I, of course was very proud of him, as I am of the accomplishments of many of my closest friends.

But I’m a little less proud of him after seeing this sweet little 18-month old girl, named CC, who can do everything Peter can do, with all the retired Yankee numbers, and is cuter to boot.