It’s not “the second-half”

As I wrote the other day, the All-Star break is kind of like Hanukkah.

We know that the Festival of Lights will occur sometime in December, but we never really know when.

The same is true with the All-Star break, we know that it will occur sometime in July, but we never really know when.

The one thing we do know is that it really is nowhere really near the 81 game mark, the official end of the first-half of the season.

Kudos to Danny Knobler who brilliantly wrote in the lede from a badly headlined story  (Storylines: Drugs, home runs and hopefully joy in MLB’s second half) by writing:

If we want to get technical (and accurate), the second half of the baseball season began about 2½ weeks back. Which is nice, because it means I can begin this list of second-half storylines with a prediction that both Homer Bailey and Tim Lincecum will throw no-hitters in the second half of the season.