Grand Standings – August 2, 2013

Nine to Know

  1. The Red Sox, Rays, A’s, Braves, Pirates, and Cards could all lose all their remaining games and not be a hundred-game loser this season. But, the White Sox, Astros, and Marlins could win all their remaining games and not be hundred-game winners.

  2. On July 22, the Kansas City Royals were 8 games behind the Tigers and 5.5 behind the Indians in the AL Central. Today they are 6.5 behind the Tigers and 4.5 behind the Indians. Why do we care? Because since that date the Royals are 9-0 and made up practically no ground since the Tribe went 8-1 and the Tigers went 7-1.

  3. The Red Sox are three wins away from their 2012 total, the Indians are eight.

  4. Misery loves company: I’m not good at pre-season predictions but there were many prognosticators who picked as the best team in baseball: the Nationals (52-56), the Blue Jays (50-58), and/or the Angels (49-58).

  5. Since June 21, the Dodgers are 28-8 (.778), the Rays 26-9 (.743), the Indians are 24-13 (.649) and the Pirates and Red Sox are 22-13 (.629).

  6. Boston and Oakland are each 6-4 in their last 10, 12-8 in their last 20, and 19-11 in their last 30

  7. Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, and Boston are all 29-24 on the road.

  8. In games decided by two runs: Arizona, Kansas City, Minnesota, Oakland, Mets, and Oakland are all playing .500 ball.

  9. NL East leading Braves are 23-16 in their division, NL Central leading Pirates are 30-18 in their division, but the NL West leading Dodgers are just 23-27 in their division.



The Pirates going 17-38 from this point on requires no explanation.