The Remarkable Red Sox

I’m not a doctor.

And, I don’t play one on TV, but I have some advice for Eric Wedge, the Seattle manager who is recovering from a mild stroke at home: turn off your TV. Watching the Mariners play can be injurious to your health.

Less than 24 hours after the Red Sox walked off against the Mariners, the Red Sox scored six runs in the 9th inning to defeat the M’s, 8-7, to sweep Seattle and pick up their 11th walkoff win of the season. The 11 walk-off wins are the Sox’ most in a season since 1978 (11). The  club record is 13 set in 1940.

Daniel Nava had the walkoff single but after closely watching the Mariners the last couple of nights I must say it’s hard to determine if:
a) Boston won
b) Seattle lost
c) Both

While clearly the answer is C, a significant argument could be made for B.

A case in point

In the 9th, acting Mariners manager Robby Thompson was forced to use left-hander Oliver Perez (2-3) instead of righty Yoervis Medina because umpire Gary Darling said Thompson motioned with his left arm first.

‘‘When I put my right arm up, Gary had already turned around and didn’t see me,’’ said Thompson, who took over as acting manager when Wedge had his stroke on July 22. ‘‘Lesson learned.’’

Not that it mattered.

The Mariners now have eight walkoff losses this season, tied with the White Sox for the most in the AL this season. And it’s the second time this season that Seattle have suffered back-to-back walkoff losses. The other time being May 17 and 18 in Cleveland.

The Sox were 2-35 when trailing after eight innings and hadn’t come back from a five-run deficit all season.

Steven Wright (2-0) the knuckle-baller not the comedian recalled from Pawtucket earlier in the day, threw 3.0 scoreless innings for the win, he’s gone 9.2 consecutive MLB innings without allowing a run.

Wright’s other win was July 11 against Seattle when like last night Sox starter Ryan Dempster was clobbered by Seattle forcing the Sox to rally in that game from a 5-1 deficit and  Wright threw 5.2 innings of scoreless relief .

“In a word — magical,” Red Sox manager John Farrell said.

The Fenway bottom of the 9th

Score Out RoB R/O Batter Pitcher Play Description
Bottom of the 9th, Red Sox Batting, Behind 2-7, Mariners’ Tom Wilhelmsen facing 7-8-9
Wilhelmsen replaces Charlie Furbush 
2-7 0   D. Nava T. Wilhelmsen Walk
2-7 0 1–   R. Lavarnway T. Wilhelmsen Single to CF; Nava to 2B
2-7 0 12-   R B. Holt T. Wilhelmsen Double to LF; Nava Scores;Lavarnway to 3B
3-7 0 -23   J. Ellsbury T. Wilhelmsen Walk
Oliver Perez replaces Wilhelmsen pitching
3-7 0 123   RR S. Victorino O. Perez Single to RF; Lavarnway Scores; Holt Scores;Ellsbury to 2B
5-7 0 12-   R D. Pedroia O. Perez Single to LF; Ellsbury Scores;Victorino to 2B
6-7 0 12-   O D. Ortiz O. Perez Strikeout Swinging
Yoervis Medina replaces  Perez pitching
6-7 1 12-   R J. Gomes Y. Medina Single to CF; Victorino Scores;Pedroia to 2B
7-7 1 12-   S. Drew Y. Medina Walk; Pedroia to 3B; Gomes to 2B
7-7 1 123   R D. Nava Y. Medina Single to CF ; Pedroia Scores;Gomes to 3B; Drew to 2B
6 runs, 6 hits, 0 errors, 3 LOB. Mariners 7, Red Sox 8.
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