Wintering on Island – 1/13/14 edition

Happy New Year to those of you who I haven’t been in touch with lately, I hope all is well with you and yours.

For those of you who are not aware of it, I’m working these days at, the website of the great Hall-of-Famer Peter Gammons (yes, it fills me with joy to write those words). While some of you go to warm locations, for me is my island paradise with the only thing missing being the ability to get drinks with umbrellas from the poolside bar.

Here are some of my recent articles:

Alex Rodriguez – The 60 Minutes Report (VIDEO)

This is the video of the report that was shown on 60 Minutes. I watched the great Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on the not-so-great Golden Globes and then I watched this. You should too.

Comparing the BBWAA vote and IBWAA Hall of Fame votes

Both the newer Internet Baseball Writers Association of America‘s (IBWAA) and the traditionally authoritative Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) released their 2014 Hall of Fame election results last week. As a member of the IBWAA, I was particularly interested in seeing if there would be a difference in the results.

The MLB Chen Guangbiao Business-Card Generator

Looking to enhance your business card? Chen Guangbiao doesn’t want to just buy The New York Times (not just an issue but the whole damn operation) but according to his business card that circulated on the web, he’s pretty well accomplished. His card lists him as China’s “Most Influential Person,” “Foremost Environmental Preservation Demolition Expert,” and “Most Charismatic Philanthropist.” has a business card generator that lists all sorts of great titles. I tried it out on Alex Rodriguez, Harold Reynolds, Bryce Harper, Bud Selig, Peter Gammons, and myself (Humblest Space Alien Debate Moderator).

The Yankees have finished third 13 times, and then they…

Here’s what the Yankees did each season after they finished in third place.

The last three seasons of Mantle, Mays, Ruth, Yaz, Aaron, Musial, Joe D, Ott and Ted

Mickey MantleWillie MaysBabe RuthCarl YastrzemskiHank AaronStan Musial,  Joe DiMaggioMel Ott and Ted Williams all achieved their greatness long before their final three seasons. Some of these guys hung on long past their expiration dates, some knew when it was time. Some stayed for the money, some the fame, some the camaraderie of their teammates and the adulation of the fans. All left loving the game.

Quality Starts and Ultimate Quality Starts for HOF Candidates

Before the Hall of Fame votes were announced I looked at Quality Starts and Ultimate Quality Starts for the starters on the ballot.

2014 is the 100th anniversary of…

Here are 14 baseball facts from 1914, 100 years ago that include Babe Ruth, Bill Veeck, Joe DiMaggio, and Weeghman Park.

IBWAA Selects Four in 2014 Hall of Fame Vote

The Internet Baseball Writers Association of America‘s (IBWAA) 2014 Hall of Fame election results,

Remembering Jerry Coleman  (video)

Jerry Coleman was not just a beloved member of the baseball community, but a true American hero. Here is Jerry and people talking about him (as well as some of his more famous misspeaks).

Happy New Year! Welcome to baseball 2014

Orel Hershiser struck out 2014 players in his career and more 2014 fun.

Sen. Tim Kaine’s New Year’s resolution is to be better in baseball trivia

The Washington Senators may now by the Texas Rangers (or the Minnesota Twins), but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a fan of these two great senators in Washington: Tim Kaine of Virginia and Sherrod Brown of Ohio who quiz each other regularly on baseball trivia.

The 2013 Worst Hitters Against Lefties

Of the bottom 10 teams against lefties this season, three made the postseason: the one-and-done Reds, the four-and-done Braves and the NL Champion Cardinals whose problems hitting lefties was truly exposed in the postseason.

Remembering the members of the baseball community we lost in 2013

Appreciate those around us. Now.

Major League Thank You Notes

A number of players and teams used newspapers (remember those things?) to thank fans. Here’s a bunch.

Relievers used by each team in 2013

The Astros used 24 different relievers, Anthony Swarzak through 96 innings in relief, only one member of the White Sox earned a save last season (and he’s gone), and many more bullpen goodies.