Lefties Hitting Homers – Nine to Know (updated)

<strong><p id=Bryce Harper led all NL lefties with 42 homers. ” width=”600″ height=”450″ /> Bryce Harper led all NL lefties with 42 homers.

While “Lefties Hitting Homers” could have been Variety’s review of the Democratic Presidential Debate on Sunday night, this column is about the lefties who hit homers in 2015. This look inside the numbers is inspired by the “yuge” $170M contract signed by Chris Davis to play for the Orioles for the next seven seasons.

Nine to Know: From the Bill Chuck Files – Lefties hitting homers in 2015

  1. The Orioles had 93 homers from lefties last season. Davis had 47, which means he hit 50.5% of the lefty homers.
  2. Bryce Harper was next with 42 homers. His Nationals hit 74, which means the NL MVP hit 56.7% of his team’s lefty homers.
  3. No team had more homers from lefties than the Yankees who hit 143. There were two other teams with over a hundred lefty-hit homers: the Texas Rangers with 109 and the Dodgers with 107.
  4. The Tigers only had 26 homers hit by lefties last season. Switch-hitter Victor Martinez hit 11 homers overall, 10 as a lefty. Prior to signing Justin Upton, pundits were wondering whether the Tigers were prepared to open the season with Anthony Gose as their left fielder, it should be noted that lefty-hitting Gose led all purely lefties on the team with only five homers.
  5. The Diamondbacks had the fewest left-hand hit homers in the National League with 35 (the Padres hit 36). David Peralta hit 17 for the D-backs. Yangervis Solarte hit 11 for the Padres.
  6. The Yankees lefty batters hit 77 homers at home, the most of any team. The Tigers lefties only hit 11 at home last season. The Yankees lefties also led with 66 road homers last season, while the Twins lefties only went deep 14 times on the road last season.
  7. It should come as no surprise to learn that Chris Davis led all lefties with 37 homers off right-hand pitchers. Bryce Harper and Carlos Gonzalez were next with 35 each. Kyle Seager hit 13 homers, the most lefty on lefty homers. Seager was followed by Davis and Mike Moustakas with 10 apiece.
  8. The lefty pitchers who allowed the most homers to lefties were Mark Buehrle and John Danks who allowed eight apiece. The righties who allowed the most homers to lefties were James Shields (23), Jeff Samardzija (21), Rubby De La Rosa, Jeremy Guthrie, and Dan Haren (20 each).
  9. The Texas Rangers lefties hit 32 homers against lefty pitchers, but I was really shocked to learn that the White Sox left-handed hitters hit no homers against lefty pitchers in 2015.