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Angie Tribeca

By far, the best part of the joke-swing fest Angie Tribeca is Rashida Jones (center)

I watch a lot of television during each of the two seasons (baseball and Hot Stove) and when a new show comes on the air, I frequently try to check it out.

Recently, I was watching the new “Angie Tribeca” airing on TBS. Tribeca is a new series from Steve Carell and his wife Nancy (Walls) Carell, that makes fun of police procedurals in the same way that Police Squad! did in the early 1980’s, and tries to set a vibe like Airplane! and The Naked Gun series of films created by David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker, only not as successfully.

The formula for the Carrells is simple: volume, volume, volume! Quantity over quality in most cases (although their naming skills are a riot) with at least a joke or two in every single line. With the the never-ending puns, your mind can drift for a bit and then easily check back into the show and really not miss any substantive plot line.

My mind drifted as I watched, as always to baseball, and I realized that “Angie Tribeca” is like a baseball player who swings at a lot pitches. Based on your taste, you need to determine if there is contact or just a groan.

That brings you (finally) to…

Nine to Know: The Top Swingers of 2015

  1. No batter swung as frequently than J.D. Martinez with 1370 swings in 657 PA. Todd Frazier followed Martinez with 1346 swings in 640 PA.
  2. Among the players with at least 1200 swings, no player put more balls in play than Alcides Escobar who put 553 balls in play in 1202 swings. Melky Cabrera followed Escobar putting 549 balls in play in 1205 swings.
  3. Among the players with at least 1200 swings, Chris Davis missed 469 times (in 1318 swings), the most of any player. Kris Bryant followed Davis with 461 misses in 1297 swings.
  4. Among the players with at least 1200 swings, no batter fouled off as many pitches as J.D. Martinez with 529 fouls in 1370 swings. Todd Frazier followed Martinez with 521 fouls in 1346 swings.
  5. Among the players with at least 1200 swings, no batter chased as many pitches as Avisail Garcia who chased 503 pitches amongst his 1250 swings. Yoenis Cespedes followed Garcia chasing 501 pitches in his 1330 swings.
  6. Among the players with at least 1200 swings, no batter had more hits than Xander Bogaerts who swung 1242 times, which resulted in 196 hits. Following Bogaerts, were Cespedes with 183 hits in 1330 swings and Josh Donaldson also with 183 hits in 1290 swings.
  7. Among the players with at least 1200 swings, Nolan Arenado had the most extra-base hits with 89 in 1232 swings. Arenado was followed by Cespedes with 82 in his 1330 swings. Escobar was more Angie Tribeca-like with only 28 extra-base hits in his 1202 swings.
  8. Since “Angie Tribeca” was created by Steve and wife Nancy Carell, it’s only appropriate to note that no team swung as frequently as the Chicago Cubs with 11,591. The Tigers followed the Cubs with 11,585 swings. The Cubs missed more than any other team hitting air 3160 times and the Houston Astros who flailed 2952 times in 11,291 swings followed them. The Orioles chased 2837 pitches, the most in the majors, in 11,290 swings. The O’s were followed by the Brewers who chased 3799 pitches in their 11,229 swings.
  9. The Brewers swung at 11,229 of their 22,554 pitches, 49.8%, the highest percentage in the majors. The Brewers were followed by the Rockies who swung at 11,254 of the 22,658 pitches that came their way or 49.7%. The world champion Royals put the highest percentage of balls in play with 43.2% of their 10,832 swings and they were followed by the Oakland A’s with 42.4% their 10,681 swings being put in play. The Cubs had the lowest put in play rate at 34.9% in their 11,591 swings.