Ba de ya – Should teams be worried because these guys had bad Septembers?

Earth-Wind-Fire-SeptemberBa de ya – say do you remember
Ba de ya – dancing in September
Ba de ya – never was a cloudy day

In the first five weeks of 2016, we have been losing rock and pop stars of the last century at an alarming rate. Even though they are gone, fortunately (in most cases), their music will live on.

Such is the case with Maurice White of the iconic group, Earth, Wind, and Fire. In a New York Times appreciation, Nate Chinen wrote, “Maurice White, the boundless funk voyager and smooth-soul maestro who died this week at 74, was one of music’s most gifted alchemists of style.”

From ‘Shining Star’ to ‘That’s the Way of the World’ you can find a wide range of music and sophistication that makes his music an essential example of an era. As I was listening to their catalog of hits, I was struck by the celebratory ‘September’ which had the odd refrain of “Ba de ya” which to me calls out to those who are “ba d.”

This brings to those who might have ended their 2015 seasons on a bad note and certainly not dancing in September.

Nine to Know: Players with bad 2015 Septembers (and Octobers)

  1. Was it just physical issues or something more significant for Yasmani Grandal? Grandal entered August hitting .292; entered September hitting .261; and he finished his season hitting .234. The Dodgers need to wonder what happened to a guy who in September had 65 PA and went 3-51 (.059).
  2. Who should the Yankees be most concerned about after their September performances: Brian McCann who hit .174, Chase Headley who hit .179, Brett Gardner who hit .198, or Jacoby Ellsbury who hit .202?
  3. The Yankees hit .233, the lowest BA in the AL in September, but not as low as the Phillies .231 who were led (?) by Ryan Howard who went 4-37 (.108) to end the month. Howard had two doubles, two homers, and no singles in September.
  4. Red Sox fans shouldn’t gloat about the Yankees concerns since in September Rusney Castillo hit .194, Pablo Sandoval hit .205, and Jackie Bradley, Jr. hit .216.
  5. NL CYA winner Jake Arrieta allowed only 22 earned runs after May which means that Orioles fans shouldn’t feel so good because Chris Tillman in September pitched 37.1 innings and allowed 27 earned runs (that’s a 6.51 ERA).
  6. Since we’re raising anxiety in the AL East, we should add Rays fans should have some concern as well since Alex Colome blew five saves, more than any other pitcher and the Jays should be worried about Marco Estrada who allowed nine homers in September (in just 174 PA), the most in baseball.
  7. In 2015, Andrelton Simmons had 583 PA and struck out 48 times. Maybe Simmons can give some tips to his new teammate with the Angels because in September, Kole Calhoun had 138 PA and struck out 48 times.
  8. Michael Wacha was 17-7 with a 3.38 producing a great season for the Cardinals, but his September was ba-de-ya with a 2-3 record and a 7.88 ERA.
  9. September was ugly for the Oakland A’s staff who had a 6.32 ERA and a 1.618 WHIP that resulted in a 10-20. Of course, the Reds were 9-22 with a 5.14 ERA and a WHIP of 1.516.