The fun and wonder of “one” in baseball stats – Hitting edition

Nine to Know: One One-ders Hitting edition

  1. Marcus Semien and Joe Mauer each had one hit in 78 games last season, the most in the majors.
  2. Wil Nieves and Jett Bandy each only had only one hit last season and each hit was a homer.
  3. Ryan Hanigan has played 612 games and has stolen one base.
  4. Justin Smoak has 2546 PA in his career and has hit one triple.
  5. Albert Pujols has 9902 PA in his career and has laid down one successful sac bunt.
  6. Anthony Gose has 1151 PA in his career and has only hit sac fly.
  7. There were 70 batters last season who had only one PA the entire season, but Quintin Berry, Don Kelly, and Michael Choice were the only ones who weren’t pitchers.
  8. Shane Robinson has played 359 and had 649 PA and the only time he has been hit by a pitch was last July 1, by Johnny Cueto.
  9. The date was June 5, 2015 and Tigers’ pitcher Alex Wilson hit the White Sox Avisail Garcia. It makes this list because it was the bottom of the 11th and the bases were loaded and it was the one time last season when there was a HBP walkoff victory.