Ugly Christmas sweater has passed, it’s now ugly baseball shirt season

ortiz_bahama_shirtUgly Christmas sweaters have become big business and the folks at Tommy Bahama are now trying to cash in during the baseball season.

Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is being “immortalized” on a collector’s edition silk Tommy Bahama shirt.

Pete Abraham in the Boston Globe quoted Doug Wood, the company’s chief executive officer:

“David fits into what we’re trying to do. He’s bigger than life. I’m a big baseball fan and when we heard David was retiring it made sense he should be on a special edition. We wanted a piece of that.”

Between 550 and 650 shirts will be made and sold for $250, debuting in Naples FL, on March 21 during an autograph event with Big Papi at a Tommy Bahama store and restaurant. (Note to self: March 21 is my wife’s birthday, shop elsewhere)

While it’s hard to imagine even the most ardent Big Papi wearing this, the good news is that 20% of the proceeds from the store that day will go to the David Ortiz Children’s Fund.

This is not the first Tommy Bahama entry into the ugly baseball shirt competition

Ortiz is the first active player to have a Tommy Bahama shirt, but Hall of Famers Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, and Jackie Robinson have also been “honored” with shirts that are even uglier.
Mays Bahama

Robinson Bahama

Mantle Bahama

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