When a Racist and Xenophobe Talks Baseball

It’s hard to find someone more despicable than right-wing, 91-year old Phyllis Schafly (at least anyone not named Donald Drumpf). Schlafly, a conservative author, columnist, and speaker was considered as the leading voice against the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970’s. She, not surprisingly, has endorsed Drumpf in 2016.

I present to you some of her latest rantings only because she has chosen to attack Major League Baseball by calling for a ban on foreign players because they are taking “positions that should have gone to American players.”

Ms. (she would hate to be referred to as “Ms.”) Schlafly uses as her baseball bona fides the fact that she attended the World Series in 1944 between the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Browns. After pointing out, the virtues of playing baseball using a dog-whistle political statement that is overtly racist (“A lower percentage of professional baseball players have post-career troubles compared with football and basketball players, and baseball is a safer sport, too.”) she goes on to present her argument:

Baseball owners are doing the same thing that big corporations do: Bring in foreign labor to take jobs that ought to go to Americans. American baseball players are better, as the awards and Hall of Fame prove, but perhaps baseball owners think that foreign players are cheaper and easier to control.

She uses as a rationale for her xenophobic argument:

  • All six of the six recipients of the top awards this past season are native born American
  • Fewer than four percent of the Baseball Hall of Fame is foreign-born, yet 27 percent of today’s players are foreign-born
  • This foreign influx into our National Pastime may help explain why our youth is abandoning baseball.

Fight this prejudice

As a reader of Billy-Ball.com, a website that treasures the contributions that Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente and so many others have made not just to baseball, but to American society, you know how fallacious Ms. Schlafly’s arguments are.

I don’t need to remind you about the accomplishments of Miguel Cabrera, Jose Abreu, Manny Machado, Masahiro Tanaka, Nelson Cruz, David Ortiz, Yoenis Cespedes, Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, Xander Bogaerts, Yu Darvish, and so many other stars who we respect and enjoy.

I urge you to keep your ears open for this kind of hateful, destructive thought and do all you can to cut it off before it makes any headway.

Heart and Mind of america

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