Billy-Ball is Back

After a year of penance for a professional mis-direction, is back for a year of pennants.

The best news is that the site will be home for two Bills for the price of one: The Bill Chuck Files will be joined by the genius work of Bill Arnold’s Beyond the Box Score.

Now just to let you know, the site has been slightly damaged in it’s time in the scrap heap. We are trying to get the header graphic back (right now it looks like the Republican National Convention in a blizzard) and hoping to add an easy way to subscribe, contribute (both money and content), and for you to make comments (hopefully insightful enough to prompt a new column).

Until we get rolling, we will not have new content each day. If you need a fix of good writing there are many places where I can tell you to go; I’m an expert on that, people tell me where to go all the time.

So, there’s your little introduction to the season. Hey, if anyone knows Keith Olbermann, please tell him that we will always have a place for him at our baseball table (and if he’s embarrassed to be writing for our little website, suggest to him to use a pseudonym with the first name “Bill” so he fits in).

Let’s play some baseball.